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Sea Monster Festival - Tournament of TRASH RECYCLING FLOATS



We are starting a worldwide movement turning trash into art and then Recycling It!

 Join The Sea Monster Festival - Worlds Funnest Recycling Party!

Like the roses are used the the Rose Parade, Trash will be used to create floats in the Sea Monster Festival.

The Ocean is plagued with tons the trash and waste that get dumped into it.  70% of landfills can be recycled and mined.  50% of trash takes hundreds of years to decompose.  This kills wildife, polutes ground water and stops ageas from growing on the surface of our planet giving us the air and food we need. 

You can make a difference by attending.  Join a Sea Monster building team and create the most outragous float that will get photographed and posted all over the world.  Join a Sea Monster Slaying Team and reduce that monster to trash that can be recycled.  Its fun all the way down to the last recycle bin.

We encourage corporate sponsorships for clean a clean earth.  Get your brand associated with a cleaner earth and sell more.

BBQ Donations will go towards the Surfing Heritage Foundation. This foundation will support the preserving of surfing history. The Surfing Heritage Foundation's goal is to preserve the evolution of surfing and surf life.  This Foundation Focuses on surfing's history and the development through the years, including significant surfboards, photography and a full range of other surf cultural values. 

Recycling is a world wide action on the rise. This festival's will clean the beach cities and make it fun for all. Unlike other recycling festivals the Sea Monster Surf Festival is making A fun creation from the trash around our cities. Changing trash into art and cleaning into fun! Everyone knows that our cities can always use a little clean up. This festival will do exactly that!

One of our missions is to promote art and creative outlets in our cities. Learning to make cleaning fun is just the begining of the benefits of this festival. The Sea Monster and Surf festival is teaching the local communities to encourage creativity. Creativity is contagious! We hope to get everyone to be able to create and share in this excitement!

Slaying the monster and helping our city is easier than it sounds. By building these big monsters we are purifying and preserving our beaches. Who knew cleaning our cities could be so fun!? This event will encourage participants to clean thier cities and be creative in doing so.  

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