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Paper Recycling & Using Recycled Paper Products 

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Paper Recycling & Using Recycled Paper Products 

Date: 04/30/2014

Recycling is now a quickly budding discipline due largely to the environmental catastrophes experienced in all corners of the globe. As a whole, recycling is not only environment-friendly, but a source of income as well. 

A growing trend in recycling today is paper recycling and recycled paper printing. With paper consumption increasing dramatically these days, paper wastes also increases. Recycled paper and recycled paperprinting are beneficial and efficient ways of fulfilling our responsibility to ourselves and to nature. 

1. Benefits of paper recycling and recycled paper printing. Although end products of recycled papers have rough texture, there is modern technology today that uses bleaching materials to give the paper a smooth quality. So, if you are using a recycled paper in your postcard or brochure printing you will get almost or even better result as using commercial papers. Recycled papers are also cheaper and often more durable, giving you a much better and cost effective output. 

2. Printing in recycled papers. The process is basically the same as commercial papers only that you can use eco-friendly inks such as soy and vegetable for a more economical and better quality result. 

3. Recycled paper products. The use of recycled paper is basically endless. You can use it in notebooks, scrapbooks, office documents, and even business materials such as postcard and color brochure printing. Also, creative individuals can make their own printed paper bags and artworks out of recycled paper. The possibility is endless when it comes to recycled paper. 

4. Paper recycling facts. 

a. Almost 40% of all waste in landfills is paper. 

b. Most paper thrown as waste is high quality paper.

c. Approximately, 16% of the money you pay for the items you buy is for the packaging, which eventually ends up as waste.

d. If recycling were made easier, 9 out of 10 people would recycle.

Essentially, paperrecycling and recycled paper printing is easy. It can be done at home, in your office, and almost anywhere. So, do you part in saving our planet. Go out there and recycle. Doing so not only reduces the cost of paper printing, but also allow you to share in the noble act of conserving the beauty of nature, especially the trees.

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